One of the highlights of Pakatan Harapan’s 2020 fiscal policy is the implementation of the one-off RM30 e-credit payment to eligible Malaysians effective Jan 1 this year. This e-Tunai Rakyat is part of the efforts to boost the usage of e-wallets in the country and to create a cashless society. In doing so, the government hopes to turn Malaysia into an entrepreneurial nation by encouraging the public, small businesses and retail stores to participate.

All Malaysians aged 18 and above with an annual income of less than RM100,00 will be eligible.

This credit can be claimed between Jan 1 – Feb 29 2020. Once you have claimed it, you can use it anytime between January 15 to March 14, 2020 on the designated e-wallet platform (Boost, Grab, or Touch ‘n Go e-Wallet) .

Here are the steps to claim the credit.

For Touch ’n Go eWallet

First, you launch the Touch ’n Go e-Wallet app on your mobile phone, then click “Verify Account Now!” on your profile page.
Then use the app to take a photo of the front of your Identity Card (you can use MYKad , Military Identity Card or passport), then take a selfie and click “Let ’s Go!”
Next, fill in your personal information, and then submit it to the authorities for review. Verification is usually completed within 24 hours.

For Boost e-Wallet

First, you launch the Boost App on your phone, then click the wallet icon in the upper right corner. Next, click “Upgrade Now”.
Then click “Okay, Got it”, and select your nationality. After that, click “Take ID Photo”.
Once you have taken the photo of your ID, you will have to take a selfie. Then the authorities will start reviewing our account.
Generally, your identity will be verified within 48 hours ~

For Grab

First, you launch the Grab App on your phone, then click “Payment” on the homepage, and then click “Upgrade Now”.
Next, click “OK, Let’s Go” to take a photo of the front of your Identity Card, and then take a selfie. Click “OK, Great” to complete the process.
The relevant authorities will review our account, and verification will usually be completed within 48 hours ~
After completing the above steps, you can claim your e-credit on one of your e-wallet (Touch ’n Go, Boost or Grab e-Wallet) apps on your mobile phone on January 15th, 2020.
*However, please note that this cash cannot be transferred to other users, and it must be used before March 15, 2020, otherwise it will be forfeited!